What is Kvalka's Art and Craft?

It's my workshop and my name is Katrin Valgerdur Karlsdottir.  My artistic name is "Kvalka" and it is made from the first few letters of each of my names. 

I'm a Ceramic artist an amateur photographer, preschool teacher, nature lover with interest in health, recycling and the culture of Viking age. 

My workshop is in my home. I'm the only one working there, doing all the work myself and enjoying it. Mostly I change mud to mugs. My pieces of Art are usually one of a kind. Formed in my hands with great care and joy as counterbalance to all the mass production in the world. I like it when "things" happens while I'm creating. Then a new idea can be born.

I graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2001 and was by then already turning forty. I took my time to get to the place where I belong and experienced a lot on the way.

I graduated from Iceland University of Education as a young woman and have been teaching in kindergarten during the wintertime, along with making pottery in my studio. I also learned woodcarving and worked many years teaching it and you can clearly see the impact of that in my ceramics. I'm the owner of the Preschool Ideas website. A preschool teachers blog where the main focus is on sharing how to use recyclables in various artwork and toys 

I'm from Iceland, a descendant from the Vikings and can feel their spirit in my soul. When summer arrives I step into my Viking gown and travel around my country introducing my art and the Viking lifestyle.

Here is a link to my CV.